Lydia Waller

Lydia serves as the Graphic Designer here at In The Gap and helps all of our publications and training materials look sharp. Her passion for informing and creating material that is eye-catching helps take everything we produce to the next level.

“I love spending time with people, especially my family. We love to work together, play hard, travel, and spend time laughing together around the dinner table. I grew up in a family of nine siblings and was always surrounded by a lot of fun and learning. God has given me many eye-opening experiences in other cultures around the world. The excitement of meeting new people and going new places gives me great joy! God has given me a passion to reach the lost. I love to share His story. There is nothing like sitting down next to a child and sharing what Jesus has done.

When I first came to In The Gap in the Spring of 2012 I saw the needs of the children in Oklahoma City. Their greatest need is Jesus Christ. I want to give the next generation a vision for how they can impact the world by being an example of godly character.

In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, frisbee, volleyball, and messing around with photography. Spending time in nature also helps me recharge. I am passionate about coupling creativity and professionalism to produce materials that are both informative and eye catching.”


Graphic Designer, In The Gap

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