Clarissa Boden

Hello! My name is Clarissa Boden, and I am from Butler, Pennsylvania. Since I was born and grew up in Western PA, living in Oklahoma City has been quite a change! I am blessed with two godly parents who raised me in the ways of the Lord, and my older sister and only sibling is my best friend. I enjoy sewing, baking, music, photography and spending time outside.  I have always enjoyed working with children. Growing up, I had many opportunities to work with children in the church nursery, Vacation Bible School, and summer camp.

Here at In The Gap, I have been trained how to effectively work with children. Not only have I been trained, but I have had countless opportunities to use that training here and at home. As I look at the culture in which many of these children are growing up, I realize that the concept of truth has been totally twisted. As a nation, we have traded the freedom of God’s Truth for the bondage of Satan’s lies. My desire is to be able to point others back to the truth.

God has taught me many things while I have been serving here. The greatest lesson I have learned (and keep learning) is to depend on God. It is so easy for me to rely on my own ability and strength, but God desires that I wait on Him.  “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

~Clarissa Boden


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