On Thursday after lunch, my teaching partner and I were sitting in the teachers lounge when a teacher walked in. We teach character to her 6th grade class so we were excited to have an opportunity to visit with her.IMG_5409 She told us a story that made my day! She said a 6th grade girl came in to tell her teacher how she had shown sensitivity (the character quality we had been teaching) at home. Her parents were fighting and she went up to her dad and told him that she had been learning about sensitivity in school. Right away her parents stopped fighting! Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if we are getting through to the kids, or if they are really listening. But the story that this teacher shared, made me realize that we don’t know how these kids are applying the character qualities at home and how it is making an impact on their family. We just need to be faithful in putting our hearts into teaching them!

-Sarah Feeny