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The Three Chairs ~ Bruce Wilkinson

The Gospel ~ Eric Ludy

Intercession ~ Eric Ludy

Becoming a Romans 12 Christian ~ Chip Ingram

Watch the entire “R12: True Spirituality” series by Chip Ingram online by clicking the links below, or visit the site at:

Click the links below to watch each session in Chip Ingram’s “R12: True Spirituality” Series on his website.

Introduction: God’s Dream for Your Life

Surrender: How to Give God What He Wants the Most

Separate: How to Get God’s Best for Your Life

Self-assessment: How to Come to Grips with the Real You

Serving: How to Experience Authentic Community

Supernaturally: How to Overcome the Evil Aimed at You

Next Steps: Taking the Next Steps to Becoming a Romans 12 Christian

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Jamie Lash - The New Creature - tilted2

Check out other great audio sermons by Jamie Lash at:

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not a fan

The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

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For some great information and insight into Science and the Bible, check out Answers in Genesis at