Life of an Intern

The Life of an Intern

At the very beginning of a session, we have a week of intense personal, spiritual growth and also receive training on a variety of different topics on how to teach more effectively. Then, we have a chance to apply what we learn during a session of 7 to 11 weeks of teaching in schools and at Bible Clubs.

Teaching Character Classes
After training, a typical day in the life of an Intern includes getting up and meeting with God, preparing props and lessons for the day, teaching twenty-five minute classes, leading assemblies, eating lunch with the kids, and maybe a recess break or two. When teaching a class or leading an assembly we teach the definition of a character quality, tell an animal or history story, and illustrate to the kids how to base their actions and attitudes on the character quality by using object lessons, illustrations, games, and/or skits. In the afternoon, we head back to our headquarters to exchange our school clothes, props, and lessons for Bible Club paraphernalia.

After-School Bible Club
At an after school club, teaching partners lead a team of children through memorizing a Bible verse and teaching them Oklahoma City Bible Clubthrough object lessons, crafts, activities, and short stories how to apply it to their everyday lives. At some point, all the teams meet together to sing songs, compete in Bible drills, and listen to a Bible Story. After a snack is eaten, the children have all gone home, and everything is cleaned up, we head back to headquarters to eat dinner and prepare for the next day. On certain nights we also have a team Bible Study or team-building activity.


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