Carrying Our Burdens

Thoughts of failure overwhelmed me as I tried to finish my homework. I needed twelve ideas—object lessons, illustrations, or skits—to complete my paper, and so far I had a total of one. I also had to give a speech the next day, and I was stressing out. In the throes of trying to do my work and overcome the worry gnawing at my mind, God reminded me of how many times He commands us in the Bible to trust Him.


That night I gave God all my worries about the next day, praying that His will would be done. My burdens were lifted, and I went to sleep with a renewed confidence. The next morning God prompted me to give my speech on the subject of trusting Him with everything. I passed the speech, and by that afternoon I had completed all my homework—with time to spare!

God taught me that when He is in control, He gives us peace and carries our burdens. He is always faithful, no matter how we feel. OB Kwon, Level 1

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Does Jesus Still Love Me?

“I don’t think God is going to do anything special through me here.” This thought nagged me the whole way to school. Sure enough, at the end of the day I left school disappointed. It had gone well enough, but I didn’t feel that the kids got anything out of what I said.

www.inthegap.orgThe next morning I asked God for His will to be done through me, whether by doing something or by talking to someone about Jesus. That day at school I sat and chatted with a Kindergartener in the cafeteria. After a few minutes, he looked at me and said quietly, “I did something bad, so that means I’m going to the bad place when I die.”

That took me by surprise. “What’s the bad place?” I asked him.

He pulled me down so that my ear was level with his mouth, and said just above a whisper, “Hell.”

My heart went out to him. I didn’t quite know what to say, since I’m not allowed to initiate talking about God during school hours. But when he asked me several questions, I was able to tell him that Jesus came so that he didn’t have to go to hell.

When he left for class, I saw several other students waving and motioning for me to sit down with them. They told me their names and we began to talk. After a little while the conversation lagged, and one of the little girls piped up, “Let’s talk about Jesus!” That was the last thing I expected her to say.

“Sure!” I said enthusiastically.

She knew that Jesus died on the cross, but she had a question. “If you sin, and then ask forgiveness, but then you sin again, does that mean you will go to hell when you die?”

I told her that when Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for every sin she’s ever done or ever
will do, and that if she asks Jesus into her heart, her salvation can never be taken away.

www.inthegap.orgShe looked at me and cocked her head. “So Jesus loves you even if you do bad things?”

“Jesus will always love you, no matter what,” I told her.

With that, it was time for her to go to class. Through these conversations I learned never to doubt God’s ability to work through me. There are so many children wondering if anyone loves them. What an honor it was to tell two of them about His unconditional love. Will Carriger, Level 2

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Overcoming Darkness with Light

“Everyone is dark and scary.” This is what a kindergartener told me at Bible club. I could see the fear in her eyes.

Another girl on my small group joined in the conversation. “Sometimes I see things that scare me too, like people in Halloween costumes. They look like vampires.” These girls had so many fears going on inside.

“Am I scary?” I asked her.

“No, at Bible club it’s different,” she said. “Everyone here is light. I’ve never seen that before.”

www.inthegap.orgThe following week God gave me an idea: to teach my small group girls about His love for them. We would make princess crowns and I would tell them about being His princesses. I wrote a sign above our team station that said “God’s princesses.”

The girls were delighted with our craft time, and asked, “Is there glitter for our crowns?” I asked one of the other small group leaders if I could borrow some, and soon our whole small group area was covered in silver sparkles. I was too, but I didn’t mind. I loved it. These precious girls were learning about a God Who loves them, and overcomes darkness with the light. That evening when a dad came to pick up one of the girls from Bible club, the first thing she said to him was, “I’m God’s princess!” Nicole Mellas, Level 3

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Freedom From Lies

Since last summer, I have been struggling with a strong fear of rejection. I didn’t know how to break it, or if the power of this fear could be broken at all. I’d been trying to do it in my own strength, and asking God to help me do it. But it had never occurred to me simply to turn it all over to Him.

At Eagle Spwww.inthegap.orgrings we watched a session about lies we believe and the resulting fears that the enemy plants in our lives. After the session, I chose to break the power of lies I was believing by renouncing them in Jesus’ name. It felt like chains fell off. Something inside me changed; I didn’t have to worry about what others thought of me anymore, but only what Jesus thought.

Freedom and joy flooded my life. For the first time in a long time, I felt the freedom of being who God created me to be without worrying about others’ opinions. John 8:32 became a reality to me: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Priscilla Sun

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Jet Lag

www.inthegap.orgI was overjoyed at the prospect of coming back to ITG this session, but nervous. My family and I would be arriving back in the States from an overseas missions trip the day before session started. I would surely still be suffering from jet lag. How would I survive? I could just picture it: lying awake at nights, and then forcing myself to act awake during hours of training during the day. It’s not easy acclimating to a 14 hour time change. How many weeks would it take to recover? How could I possibly stay healthy?

With these questions swirling around my mind, I began writing to my prayer partners. I asked them to pray that God would help me cope with jet lag at In The Gap. Immediately, God put a question in my heart. Did I want Him merely to help me with my jet lag, or would I ask Him for the impossible: to take away my jet lag completely?

I deliberated. What if He didn’t answer, and jet lag got the best of me after all? The inner turmoil continued, but I made up my mind. I wrote to my prayer partners and asked them to join me in praying that God would completely take away my jet lag.

Within 24 hours of landing on American soil with my family, I boarded another plane bound for Oklahoma.

It was here that God did a miracle of miracles. From the time I touched down in Oklahoma, I have not experienced the slightest trace of jet lag. Not only that, but God has kept me from getting sick and has given me a clear mind for training. God truly does the impossible, and now I know that He does it for me! Peace Lu

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