“To put my faith in Him, through ALL situations in life.” Jeriah

"That living life for Him is the only life that's worth living." Angelo

“How to work together with different types of people.” Hope

“That suspenseful warfare can bring great rewards.” Sarah

An Intern's Perspective

While Here the Lord Taught Me...

“The importance of relying on Him for everything… and that I need to practice what I preach.” Elizabeth

“That His Spirit and power are able to flow through each and every one of us if we put our focus on Him and not our surroundings.“ Ryan

“That even if I don’t fully understand the plan that He has laid for my life, I still need to trust Him through each and every circumstance.” Brianna

When I Served Here, I Learned...

“That God can overcome all the impossible odds.” Kaytra

“That life really is short. No one knows when it’s going to end so I need to make the most of it. Whether I am teaching, planning, or just living, I need to make it count.” Hannah

“To be content with what I have.” Julie

“Not to hold on to ‘things’, but only to God Himself.” Alissa

“How important it is to walk by faith and not by sight.” Chad

“Nothing is mine, but I need to be unselfish and give everything to God.” Kathryn