An Intern’s Perspective

While Here the Lord Taught Me…

  • “The importance of relying on Him for everything… and that I need to practice what I preach.” ~Elizabeth
  • “Not to hold on to ‘things’, but only to God Himself.” ~Alissa
  • “That even if I don’t fully understand the plan that He has laid for my life, I still need to trust Him through each and every circumstance.” ~Brianna
  • “To put my faith in Him, through ALL situations in life.” ~Jeriah
  • “That His Spirit and power are able to flow through each and every one of us if we put our focus on Him and not our surroundings.“ ~Ryan
  • “How important it is to walk by faith and not by sight.” ~Chad


When I Served Here, I Learned…

  • “How to work together with different types of people.” ~Hope
  • “That God can overcome all the impossible odds.” ~Kaytra
  • “That life really is short. No one knows when it’s going to end so I need to make the most of it. Whether I am teaching, planning, or just living, I need to make it count.” ~Hannah
  • “That suspenseful warfare can bring great rewards.” ~Sarah
  • “To be content with what I have.” ~Julie
  • “Nothing is mine, but I need to be unselfish and give everything to God.” ~Kathryn

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