Sarah Waller

My name is Sarah Waller. I was born in Illinois, the sixth-born of ten children. Our family has moved several times over the years including some special times of serving overseas in the countries of Mongolia and South Korea. My family presently resides in Virginia. Growing up in a large family who loved the Lord and loved children, planted that same love for children in my heart.

I enjoy sewing, cooking and playing musical instruments, such as piano and harp, and I also play violin. I like to play volleyball and enjoy one-on-one talks.

At the age of 12, my childhood “best friend” who had been diagnosed with cancer, passed away. In 2005, while my family and I were serving together in the country of Mongolia, my own second-oldest brother went to be with the Lord. Both of these experiences caused my walk with the Lord to be deepened. They also planted in my heart a very real sense of Eternity. There are only a few days on this earth where we may lay up treasure in Heaven, to be enjoyed throughout all Eternity. One of those treasures is the souls of men – boys and girls, moms and dads.

God has given me different opportunities to work with children especially throughout my teenage years. The training and hands-on experience I received at In The Gap equipped me to more effectively teach both children and adults. Before I came to In The Gap, I was quiet and reserved. The training I received helped to cultivate and plant a burden in my heart and gave me tools to effectively communicate that burden to others. I love to see and be able to help others receive that same training and hands-on experience that produces such rich fruit and opens new avenues of opportunity to minister to others.

Many of the children we work with don’t see another way of life. They seem to go on, bound to follow the same road they have seen far too many go down. By walking into their classrooms, we are able to set a positive role model for them and speak solid truth into the lives of those whose hearts and minds are constantly being bombarded with the lies of the Enemy and the evils of our day.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer as we seek to shine Christ’s light and love into each life.