Camille Gomez

Originally from northeast Texas, God called my family three years ago to move to Oklahoma to serve with In The Gap. I have one older sister, two younger brothers, and three younger sisters. I love to play the piano, be outside, watch thunderstorms, and learn new things. When we moved to Oklahoma, I was not old enough to serve with In The Gap, so I volunteered with the Bible Clubs, helping out where I could. That’s when God showed me that my heart was to teach children. As I came to know the children, I saw the great need for truth, comfort, God’s love, and a friend; I wanted to help bring the truth to them but more than that, I wanted to teach them about the love of God that can surpass anything they face.

During my first session as an intern, God showed me that I did not have to be a great public speaker to teach truth to people. I merely needed to be an open vessel for Him to speak through. As I continued going through the four levels of ITG, God showed me that although I was more comfortable being a follower, if I chose to grow and lean on Him I could be a leader for Him. I have learned that being a leader doesn’t mean you’re at the top of everything, or that you have it all together, but that you are living what you are teaching, and that you are continually growing upward.

Now several years later, I’m still serving with In The Gap, teaching the children about the truth of God’s character and about His love, and also helping to teach the new interns that come here to learn how to teach children. I hope to continue serving with In The Gap and am planning and hoping on doing some summer camps and mission trips in the near future.