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    Proud to Humble

    By Nathan Collins I’ve got this. I’ve been teaching Bible lessons for over three years. I’m good at this kind of teaching. If I had to, I could get up and give it right now with no practice and would probably do amazing. That was my attitude about my Bible lesson evaluation. We had over…

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    rowdy classroom

    An Unexpected Outcome

    By Jonan Kiang The sound of desks screeching across the floor, chairs scraping, pencils flying around and clicking to the ground. You’ve got to be kidding me. Again? Last fall, I failed almost every single time to maintain discipline in this class. Why do they make so much noise? I dreaded that class. It was…

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    Group of multi-ethnic children

    Next Generation

    By Ezra Lanctot We hold an opportunity to serve and love these children. Dear little souls that are trapped in a world filled with turmoil, hate, and rejection. Here at In The Gap we fight every day to speak God’s truth into their lives, the truth that they are worth something, they are loved, and…

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